Don't Panic

I played this game at a board game night up at work with some guys from my team. Easily one of my favorite board games now, I ordered a copy ^_^

Each player in the game is either aligned as good or evil, and some of the characters have special knowledge of the alignments of other characters. The entire game revolves around using tabletalk and logic to weasel out the alignments of the other players. It’s amazing, I can’t do it justice in a blog post.

Why is starcraft so hard?
Shellshock bug :C

Also despite working a lot to meet a release deadline this week, I made platinum in league of legends. I can now rest easy knowing that I’ve wasted literally more than a thousand hours becoming “better” at pressing buttons than some 900,000+ other people.

I saw greg kh give a talk and it was awesome.


I can’t wait for aws to disintegrate forever

heh, I’m creepin. Context?


the most handsome

yes please

yes please



Fallout 3 advertisements in the Washington DC metro, 2008

That’s brilliant….. and scary.

Sweet Valley — Golden Gauntlet