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each type has at most one supertype and at most one subtype. Such a structure, called a tower, is illustrated in figure 5.3, but it also has disadvantages: It is more blessed to give than to receive.

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WMD — Living


I never thought about an IDE based util, so I googled mine and found this. Thanks!!!

Glad I could help!


I need to have two builds available for my game: the stable release build, and the most recent nightly build. Also, I could add in linux builds, since I’ve got a live USB floating around somewhere. I’ll tag this as a TODO. Problem is, I’ve actually got a lot of TODO comments scattered throughout my code, I probably need to write a utility just to find them all.

I removed the entity system by picking the diff apart for the server’s source file. Here’s the repo, but there’s no visible difference from the stable build.

Anyway, I have work tomorrow, so I guess I need to go to bed :(

Since the game is still in development and not near release I’d suggest not even worrying about something like this.

Keep your master branch in git in a compiling state and any time you want to add a feature make a new branch, build the feature, and merge it with master when it’s all done/compiling. This is essentially what you want except… for you and not other people.

Sidenote, a lot of popular IDEs already have // TODO finder utilities

See this is the coolest shit.

The paper describes an art installation that was constructed that had a model of agents that wandered around a virtual world, which also had plant biomatter. The whole system was regulated by consistent rules of energy and metabolism and the agents wandering around had find a way to acquire energy to stay alive like a real ecosystem. The agents behaved each using their own sets of rules that could change based on their experiences, and they could mate, passing along their learned rulesets, Lamarkian evolution style.

The cool bit, though. The agents could make sounds based on their rulesets. The artworks was designed as an installation exhibit that was 3D. The system was designed to detect the presence of human viewers using infrared, and areas of the world that had viewers would grow more plant biomatter. The agents in the system learned to make cool sounds to attract the interest of people in the exhibit so that they could get more food.

So I made those funky portraits with translucent polygons using genetic algorithms and my research advisor sent me this awesome paper where this guy used an even more detailed and intricate model of ecosystems for creative purposes (or as he put it, discovery of novelty in creative spaces or something like that. They’re search algorithms, after all).

Metaheuristics are awesome and I want more free time so I can try to make cool art with them



It’s just an IDE and a book on C++.


basically fuck

burning the midnight coffee

Also, as with any group project, about 1/3rd of the group is not competent enough to really help.

There are 3 people in my group